Huang Pu Xuan Restaurant


Thanks to a chef team led by the last student of Mr. Wang Shoushan, one of the Cuisine masters in China, the Huaiyang Cuisine in the Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai is highly recognized both in China and across the world. Meanwhile, the Huaiyang Cuisine is also known as “the ultimate gourmet experience in Southeast China”. With selected ingredients, refined preparation and mix of contemporary cooking and China’s cooking heritage, it paves the way for the Hotel’s leading position in the trade.

By braising, stewing, steaming and sautéing, the essence of the Huaiyang Cuisine imposes great importance on the sauce and original flavor. Luscious and rich, it maintains the natural shape and texture of the ingredients without losing their flavor.

Formerly known as “Landscape Tower” and popular among the gourmets in Shanghai at that time, Huangpuxuan Restaurant focuses on Huaiyang Cuisine, Shanghainese Cuisine and innovative cuisine. Huaiyang Meat Ball, Sautéed Eel, Yangzhou Boiled Shredded Bean Curd and other notable dishes have attracted numerous gourmets and created unforgettable memories. It has been named as one of the best restaurants in Shanghai by the press for years.

Huang Pu Xuan is located on the second floor (2F).