Four Treasures


Transported from UK to Shanghai in 1932, this piano has accompanied the building over the history of more than half a century ever since the construction commenced. As the Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai has welcomed numerous government leaders and personages, the historical piano also records their presence. Though this aged instrument may no longer present the beautiful melodies as before, this well-maintained treasure stands peacefully in the lobby, telling the stories of the past to the guests of the 21st century.

Antique Snooker Table
Can you see what’s special in it? One of the four treasures in the Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai, it is of the same age as the building, made in UK in 1934. Take a closer look and you will find it is smaller than modern snooker tables, along with smaller and more refined balls. It represents the standard dimensions at that time. The tabs on the banks are made of ivory, which fully reveals its luxury and prestige. When snooker was a sport of nobility, the Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai used to welcome the executives of British and American companies as well as the leaders in the press, who often hosted clubs and events. The traditional score board recorded their achievements. Today, it resides in the British Lounge and is highly preferred by hotel guests. Sip some wine and test your skills. It’s fun!

OTIS Elevator
The last treasure is an antique hand-operated elevator. When the grandson of OITS founder visited the hotel, he was surprised to find that the elevator had been perfectly maintained since it started operation in 1934, though after several overhauls.

This noble and classical phonograph was manufactured by Victor, an American phonograph company in 1917. The company, which was then the world leading sound recording and playback system manufacturer, was established at Camden, New Jersey in 1901. With its wooden case of mechanical interior, the phonograph was a special design for the then up-layer society.

The Broadway Mansions Hotel, which was then a place mainly accommodated heads of states, politicians of cultural personages, fortunate to obtained the phonograph. For the purpose of preservation and protection, the hotel has folded its turntable trump and amplifier into a cabinet. It is still now in good condition over decades of years and could remind us of those old good days.