Sweet and romantic, wedding is one of the most important events in our lives. As a landmark representing the history of Shanghai, the Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai has a beautiful view complimented by the Waibaidu Bridge, and a wedding in such a hotel will remind you of the glorious days of Shanghai. When the bride, in her white wedding gown, and the bridegroom, in his formal attire step into the lobby reflecting contemporary British architecture, it will bring all back to the year 1934. With love in their eyes and smiles on their lips, it is hard to distinguish present from past, for the history of this legendary city will witness the most critical moment in their lives.

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A Sumptuous Wedding in Xiang Palace
Capable of 25 tables, Xianggong Palace features elegance and luxury. Covering the entire ceiling, the crystal chandeliers will make it a wedding under galaxy.


A Sweet Wedding in Li Palace
The décor of Ligong Palace is simple and elegant. Enough for 18 tables, this lovely space is always preferred by young couples.

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A Western Wedding Perpetuates This Romantic Moment
Situated beside the Waibaidu Bridge, Belle Vue offers a wedding buffet for 80-100 guests. A special and authentic western wedding combines gourmet experience with landscape, and love with happiness. It will create happy memories with the extraordinary view of the historical Bund Street.
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A Stylish Terrace Party
Overlooking the Huangpu River, the spacious terrace is often preferred by trendsetters. Enjoy the magnificent view and record the unforgettable moments of happiness. The landscape terrace on 18F is the ideal venue to be surrounded by both banks of the Huangpu River.
Wedding Night Continues in the Landscape Suite
Carefully prepared for new couples, the Bund Street Landscape Suite highlights coziness, luxury and love.
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