Banquet Hall


As one of famous shanghai five star hotel,In addition to Huaiyang and Shanghainese Cuisines, the banquet hall on 17-19F specializes in Cantonese Cuisine full of abalone, shark’s fin, bird’s nest and other exotic ingredients. The executive chef from Hong Kong has served as Chief Chinese Chef in a number of luxury hotels in Beijing, Changchun and Shanghai. Particularly insightful in seafood ingredients, the chef incorporates his expertise into this well-known cuisine style and the preparation of precious dishes.

The Guangyuelou Cantonese Restaurant on the 17th floor consists of seven banquet halls; namely Liufu Hall, Xiyu Hall, Yiyun Hall, Xianglin Hall, Yiping Hall, Huiya Hall and Shuimo Hall, among which the banquet halls at both ends are equipped with a separate lounge and outdoor terrace.

The British Hall on the 18th floor serves as the highly reputable VIP hall in the hotel, which has accommodated numerous international government leaders and personages, including 10 presidents in the world. In late 1950s, Mr. Deng Xiaoping commented, “The Huaiyang Cuisine in the Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai is one of the best in China.” On the terrace on the 18th floor, a billboard records the memorable moments when numerous government heads stood there and enjoyed the city view of Shanghai, as well as the splendid night view in the Bund Street and Lujiazui.

Following the spiral wooden staircase, you will arrive at the independent space of Liaotian Tower on the 19th floor, featuring the inscription of Mr. Guo Moruo, one of the famous calligraphers in China. A peaceful space of privacy, it was one of the official hotels certified by Shanghai Municipal Government during the World Expo Shanghai 2010, when 18F and 19F welcomed many leadership members from different provinces and cities in China.

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