The Bund
“The Bund” used to be the political, financial, business and cultural center of the Western colonists in Shanghai. Neighboring the Huangpu River in the east, the west part of the Bund is covered by 52 historical buildings in Gothic, Roman, Baroque and hybrid architectural styles, which wins it the name of “International Architecture Expo”.

Today, in addition to this unique Architecture Expo, you will also be surprised by the silhouette of the Waibaidu Bridge and Wusong Road Gate Bridge, the elegance of Huangpu Park, the innovative design of the flood wall and the brilliant view of skyscrapers and river, while a night tour along the Huangpu River is extraordinarily interesting. It is one of the landmarks in Shanghai that no visitor should miss.
Recommended visiting hours: 07:00-21:30. You only need to step out of the hotel.

People’s Park
People’s Park is an extension of People’s Square, creating an oasis in the downtown area, full of lush plants and trees. With the brick paths and well-maintained gardens and pavilions, the park offers a peaceful space in the center of the noisy city. As one of the most popular venues in Shanghai, it is also a place to observe and interact with the locals.
Opening hours: 6:00-18:00 (free admission) – 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Huangpu Park
Opening hours: 6:00-24:00 (free admission) – 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Qipu Road Fashion Market
Well known across China, the Qipu Road Fashion Market is the largest fashion wholesale market in Shanghai, where you can find all kinds of value and trendy clothes at unbelievably bargain prices, which makes it one of the favorite places for young girls. The snack bars in the neighborhood are also attractive. When shopping around, energize yourself with some drinks or a dessert, and then continue the fashion adventure!
Open daily – 8-minute walk from the hotel

East Nanjing Road: Pedestrian Street
With numerous stores on both sides, Nanjing Road is 5.5KM long and named the First Commercial Street in China. Crowds of shoppers add life to this historical road and flow towards the west end, where there are several large department stores. In this district free of traffic, consumers may wonder between the oldest department stores in Shanghai and a number of modern stores, or sit down in one of the classical restaurants. The Metro Station of Central Henan Road is located at the east end, where you can conveniently take Metro No. 2 to the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jin Mao Tower in Lujiazui, Pudong, or visit the high-end shopping area of Meilongzhen, Citic Pacific and Plaza 66 at West Nanjing Road. Recommended visiting hours: 10:00-22:00 – 10-minute walk from the hotel
The touring carts on the street are open from 8:00 to 22:30, priced at RMB2 per person

Duolun Road: A Street of Culture & Personage
Built in 1912, Duolun Road is 550 meters long. In an L shape, it connects to North Sichuan Road at the east and north. Peaceful and winding, the street is decorated by a number of buildings in different styles, including museums, showrooms, galleries, antique stores, book stores and teahouses, which turn it into an attractive destination of leisure, historical exploration, tourism and art shopping among both domestic and international visitors. Though seemingly ordinary, it contains the former residences of Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Qu Qiubai and other masters in China’s modern literature. Delivering exclusive cultural and historical values, Duolun Road reproduces the scenes of Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s.
Open daily – 10-minute drive (3.2KM) from the hotel

Yu Garden
With a history of more than 400 years, Yu Garden has been regarded as one of the most refined Chinese gardens. Built in Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, it consists of a cobbled fish pond, grotto and well-maintained and winding gardens. The most famous sites include Jade Rockery and Spring Hall. Yu Garden is the key venue of all kinds of traditional folk events and activities in the town, such as flower shows, lantern shows, calligraphy and painting exhibitions and etc.
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 – 10-minute drive (approx. 4KM) from the hotel

People’s Square
Known as “The green lungs of the city” located at the downtown center, People’s Square today is a garden square integrating government, culture, traffic and business, though it used to be a well-known race course before liberation. With the Shanghai Municipal Government at the north, Shanghai Grand Theater at the northwest, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center at the northeast and Shanghai Museum at the south, it is crossed by People’s Avenue in the center.
10-minute drive (approx. 3.5KM) from the hotel

Shanghai Museum
Divided into 11 separate exhibition halls, the Shanghai Museum features 120,000 precious and valuable collections, which reveal the fragments and clues in the history of China. Given the quantity and quality of the collections, the museum is ranked among top museums in China and in the world. Innovatively designed, its façade resembles a Ding (an ancient cooking vessel made of bronze in China).
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 (till 20:00 on Saturdays)

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center shows the contemporary evolution and future planning of Shanghai. In addition to the enormous model of the whole city, the center also presents other urban plans and designs, revealing infinite and appealing opportunities, while proudly exhibiting the existing accomplishments to the people in Shanghai and from all over the world. It also guides citizens to understand and participate in urban planning and builds a bridge between the authorities and ordinary people.
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 (Monday – Thursday); 09:00-18:00 (Friday – Sunday)

In this space of prosperity, today meets yesterday. Between the rock pavements and vintage brick walls, visitors wander among high-end galleries, featured pubs, innovative cafes and boutiques. Xintiandi is one of the recreational focuses in Shanghai, always crowded by gourmets and fashion fans. Other than cultural sites, stores, restaurants and architecture, the greenery and gardens of Taipingqiao Lake make it a perfect place for an afternoon walk or a romantic dating.
Taicang Road – Open daily – 15-minute drive (approx. 5KM) from the hotel

Tianzifang is one of the most traditional lane communities in Shanghai. The combination of classics and modernism, traditional residents and historical lanes appeal many well-known galleries, restaurants, antique stores and designers. When east meets west, the Art Street on Taikang Road is going global.
Taikang Road – Open daily – 20-minute drive (approx. 7KM) from the hotel

Dongtai Road: An Antique Street
Formerly known as Rue Hennequin, Dongtai Road is located at the northeast of Shanghai, neighboring South Xizang Road and Central Fuxing Raod. A widely recognized street full of antiques and crafts, it is called the Liulichang in Shanghai. Here you will find the records of the Cultural Revolution, or even opium pipes. Though most of the commodities are reproductions, the smart and careful shoppers may discover some treasures.
South Xizang Road – Open daily – 10-minute drive (approx. 4KM) from the hotel

Shanghai World Financial Center
One of the skyscrapers at Lujiazui, the Shanghai World Financial Center is the 2nd tallest building in China and the 3rd in the world, as well as the highest flat-roof tower in the planet. With 101 floors, it is 492 meters high and 40 meters away from Jinmao Tower. It is another new resturant in Shanghai, demonstrating the energy and power of finance and information technology in the 21st century.
Opening hours: 08:00-23:00 – 15-minute drive (approx. 5.5KM) from the hotel

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
One of the popular destinations in China, the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower is a landmark of modernity. 468 meters high, it seems a glorious pearl beside the Huangpu River, in which three huge columns firmly support 11 balls in different sizes and heights, creating a string of beautiful pearls, while two enormous pearls in ruby red are elevated high, sparkling over Shanghai. A complex offering tourism, restaurants, shopping, recreation, cruise, conference, exhibition, historical exhibits and radio and TV broadcasting, it is an ideal venue to overlook the entire city in all directions.
No.1 Century Avenue – Opening hours: 08:30-21:30 – 16-minute drive (approx. 4.2KM) from the hotel